Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Be tension free because your ipad screen repair is now our responsibility

Apple products and especially iPad’s are a craze amongst people who love technology and want to do most of their work like booking tickets, ordering food, booking a cab, buying clothes, etc online. This is a list of few things you can do with your iPad but there more than above-mentioned things that you can do with your favorite iPad. Believe it or not, it is impossible for iPad users to think spending a day without their loved gadget, but this nightmare can become a life truth if their iPad screen gets damaged or is not working properly. In these times customer are left with no option but iPad screen repair. yes iPad screen repair is necessary from a trusted source is highly recommended because Apple technology is much superior and can only be fixed or repaired by exceptionally talents, skilled, and experienced iPad Screen repair centre.

Trustworthy place for iPad screen repair

We can help you with iPad screen repair as we the Tougheestelecom are the most qualified and experienced iPad screen repair centre in south Delhi and NCR. We are a repairing outlet that has been tackling most troublesome problems with Apple products with great effectiveness and honesty. Our iPad screen repair center in south Delhi has every quality which makes it a number one screen repair centre. We adopt trending software, technology, and tools which both save time in repairing and also the time of the customer. A staff at our repairing centre has taken training from authorized Apple repairing centers at different places.

 ipad screen repair

Our iPad screen repair solutions are exceptional as we also provide on the spot repairing solutions to our privileged corporate customers who do not have any time to visit service centers and get their iPad screen repair. For these customers we have maintained and trained a team of specialists repair staff who visit these corporate customers and get the details of their problem, after taking their complaints they conduct the iPad screen repair and replacement on the spot, which saves the time of the customer and makes them quite happy. Our customers love us because we always carefully hear to their problems and provide them with the best advice. Talking about the hazards a customer can encounter with broken screens are numerous, prominent of them being, causing injury to the customers, this problem increases when your kids also use their iPad.

So before any of you get injured you can conduct iPad screen repair from our service center in Delhi.  We are not one of those iPad screen repair centers that replace original products with duplicate parts. We use fair trade practices as we know customer trust is paramount to us. There are many service centers in south Delhi that charge customers according to the area and profession of the customer if they get to know a customer is financially sound they charge more from that particular customer. Our main driving force is a number of successful iPad screen repair done by us in minimum time and at pocket-friendly rates.

You can visit our website to know more about iPad screen repair and get to know why we are the best in town.  We use genuine displays and touch screens in iPad screen replacement, which is done by very few in the market.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Tension not because efficient Blackberry DTek 60 and DTek 50 repair is now possible

Blackberry has arrived in the scene off late but with a bang, with its 2 all new Android phones, Blackberry is here to make it big. Here we will discuss what all problems come with these 2 smartphones from the company and were to get genuine Blackberry DTek 50 and DTek 60 repair in South Delhi, but first of all let get to know more about these phones. Both these phones from Blackberry are awesome as they provide the consumer with an excellent package of technology at economical rates and after which we will tell you about Blackberry DTek 50 and DTek 60 repair in south Delhi. 

Starting from Blackberry DTek 50, the phone has Android 6.0.1 version, nonremovable and powerful 2610mah battery, RAM and ROM of 3GB and 16 GB respectively. Front and back cameras of 8 and 13 megapixels respectively, a brilliant and wide screen size of 5.20 inches,  and powerful processor of 1.2 Giga Hertz with octa-core Qualcomm 617 Snapdragon technology.

 On the other hand, Blackberry DTek 60 has Android 6.0.1 version, nonremovable and powerful 3000mah battery, RAM and ROM of 4GB and 32 GB respectively. Front and back cameras of 8 and 21 megapixels respectively, a brilliant and wide screen size of 5.50 inches,  and powerful processor of 1.6 Giga Hertz with quad-core Qualcomm 820 Snapdragon technology.

Both these smartphones from Blackberry are single SIM and accept Micro Nano SIM, talking about the similarities of the phone in a domain of connectivity, both the phones have Superb Connectivity options that include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth,  USB, , GPS, NFC, and OTG support. Sensors included in both the phones are Compass Magnetometer, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Ambient light sensor, and proximity sensor. Adding to this both the phones support 3G and 4G (LTE).

Don’t go anywhere because we will let you know the perfect place to get your Blackberry DTek 50 and DTek 60 repair in South Delhi

 Blackberry service centre in Delhi

After you have known about these smartphones you should also be aware of what are places in Delhi that are highly recommended for Blackberry DTek 60 and DTek 50 repair. According to customer ratings and reviews, TougheesTelecom is the place where authentic repair of these smartphones is carried out. Now let us know what are the common problems that lead to Blackberry DTek 50 and DTek 60 repair in South Delhi? Following is the list common issues with Blackberry DTek 60 and DTek 50 repair:

1.       Excess heating of the smartphone.
2.       Low battery backup.
3.       Hanging Problem in the smartphone.
4.       Up gradation problems.
5.       The problem in the flash of the camera.
6.       The problem in OTG support.
7.       Issues with sound output.
8.       Repair and replacement of damaged display and touch screen
9.       Issues with the centre and side buttons.
10.   Damage of the SIM slot.
11.   The problem in the Memory card slot.
12.   Issues with the mother board and connector.
13.   Problems in the IC of the phone.
14.   Issues with the speakers of the phone.

All of these above problems are nicely taken care of at our amazing Blackberry DTek 50 and DTek 60 repair centre in South Delhi.


Get ready to approach as we are the pioneers of Blackberry DTek 50 and DTek 60 repair in south Delhi, and have a team of repairmen who can do wonders to our phone with the most specialized tools used in the industry in their hands. Visit our website and get to know more about us.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Authentic and trusted iPad screen repair in Delhi is now possible

Apple products stand for quality and are mostly used by high class gentry who do not want to comprise with the quality of products they use. They are more concerned if it’s about their gadgets is efficient communication is the way of their survival in the business and Market place.

Why iPad screen repair is necessary to be done by a well established repairing centre

IPads are mostly used by such gentry who don’t want to get separated from their official work even for a fraction of second. IPads have large screen and do all the operations that can be done on a PC or laptop. These people suffer a lot when their iphone screen gets damaged or malfunctioned. Now we have come up with the solution of the problem that is our best iPad screen repair centre called Toughees Telecom. We provide solutions for every kind of iPad screen repair and for every model. IPad screen repair is best done by us because we have a vast experience in screen repair especially of Apple products. We are not one of those ipad screen repair centers that who fix the ipad screen with no efficiency and it falls off after 2 or 3 months. We do solid work because we know what we are doing; we don’t brag about nor advise violently. For us our advertisement is done by the praises of our satisfied customers, who compliment us for our excellent iPad screen repair at rates that are lowest in the market. Our expert staff, first starts with understanding the problem of the customer, because every customer have different problem with their screens and need different solutions for the problem. After analyzing the problem our experts at iPad screen repair centre they start repairing it with latest repairing methods and techniques to repair it to the fraction by involving little time of the customers.

 ipad screen repair

One of our salient features is that we provide on the spot repairing facilities for our corporate clientele because their happiness is our happiness and their happiness is in saving time. Keeping this in mind our expert team reach their place and provide solution to them as quickly as possible. Our iPad screen repair centre uses original iPad screen in replacement and do not indulge in practices like use of duplicate screens and charging customers with original screen price. Our main concern is that our customers should get best results after iPad screen repair and they don’t have to come back to us again with the same problem of the screen we have fixed for them in the past. We have a following of large number of customers because we deliver what we promise and talk about only what we can achieve. Our ipad screen repair centre is located in south Delhi but customers come to us from all the corners of Delhi and NCR because the quality of services we provide to them at low price and within a given time frame.


We are the most trusted and established iPad screen repair centre in Delhi because we thrive on our excellent services and our customers trust on us. You can call us or visit our website to know how we work and what makes us superior to others.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Here is an exceptional Apple repair centre in Delhi for you

In the event that somebody asks you which company produces remarkable handsets? You will straight away disclose to him that it is Apple. The company produces portable PCs, cell phones, tablets, and music devices. Apple repair centre in Delhi is advanced and gives complete support. These items by apple are to a great extent devoured by populace everywhere throughout the world. Apple items are dealt with as most prestigious in light of their flawless outline, high value, superior, and interesting innovation. These qualities make Apple items the most offering devices of the year. Apple telephones are generally utilized by people who require rich quality phones which don't hang much and give smooth working. Discussing apple iPhones they have easy to understand choices like Siri, and unique mark voice identification service.

The incredible apple repair centre in Delhi awaits you

There is circumstance where a client faces an extreme time while utilizing apple items is the point at which they get harmed. Clients don't have to stress as TougheesTelecom the main apple repair centre in Delhi is here at your disposal. Our leading apple repair centre in Delhi has aptitude in repairing all kind of Apple devices and that too with awesome expertise and 100 percent achievement rate. At our fascinating apple repair centre in Delhi we give assistance for a wide range of issues in apple product line like screen repair and substitution, settling of issues in sound yield, side catches, home catch, Siri, and motherboard, programming establishment and Upgradation. Every one of these issues is proficiently unraveled at our Apple repair centre in south Delhi. Our amazing apple repair centre in Delhi is distinguished as we provide on time fulfillment of repairing work, least charges for enormous repairing undertakings, staff having skills acquired from bona fide apple repairing group. Our apple repair centre in Delhi is the only repairing centre that has been repairing apple gadgets from years. We have latest tools and devices needed to revive apple products.  Our main point at apple repair centre in Delhi is that we provide complete solution and not half work. Our Apple repair centre in Delhi is the centre of attraction for apple users in Delhi as they get the best service from us at rates that are very less.  Customers come to us with trust and we give our best to keep up with their trust on our apple repair centre in Delhi. Be it any model of apple products whether new or old, we provide complete repairing of this devices on high quality basis which does not means customer has to return to us for the same problem. We will surprise you with our services and will bring great content in your life when you will get to use your apple products in the way you want. So come to us if you want to increase and improve the life of your apple products.


Till know we are certain you have made your psyche to visit our apple repair centre in Delhi to get the best repairing arrangements and improve your device working. You can reach us at whatever time and we will dependably be prepared to support you.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Get the services from best in screen replacement in Delhi.

Screens are to mobiles what water is to fish. Yes without screen or display a smartphone is completely a waste. You will be shocked to know that half of the cost of the phone is equivalent to the cost of the display or screen of the phone. Earlier when keyboard phones were in fashion the displays used to be small and without touch, so if these displays damaged the repair cost was nominal. But in today’s age  mobile screens are the whole in sole in charge of smartphones and all the functions are carried out with the screen of the phone and moreover the screens today are wider and more vulnerable to damage. Screens in the smartphones are central part of it and form 60 percent of the damage cases.

Visit us to get the most effective screen replacement services.

Screen replacement and repair is done best by experienced screen replacement centers which are very few in Delhi and especially south Delhi. According to recent trends and reports our Tougheestelecom is voted best by the customers in south Delhi. What made our ratings swell is the unique and less time consuming methods adopted by us for screen replacement. Screen replacement is most delicate repairing job as glass and very delicate elements are involved in it, one mistake and the entire screen can get damage and customer can suffer huge losses.

We also at our screen replacement centre suggest customer many ways how they can protect their screen. For example we always suggest them to use bets quality tempered glass for protecting their screens of costly smartphones moreover we advice them to buy dedicated covers and cleaning solutions by which they can maintain full efficiency of their Touchscreen. At Toughees screen replacement centre we provide screen replacement for every mobile brand for example Oppo, vivo, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Redmi, Asus, Nokia, Microsoft, Gionee, and many more at affordable rates in no time. We use modern screen replacement techniques and tools which make our work lot easier.

 Customers should understand that screen replacement for unrecognized shop can bring lot of dissatisfaction to them as these service centers purchase and fix local or duplicate screens into the original phones of the customers, which further deteriorate the condition of the phone in the long run. Many people ask us how are we able to get such a large customer base for screen replacement? To this question we say that our screen replacement center’s policy help us to earn both money and customers.

We fix screens in such a way that they don’t fall of far too easy. We use best glue and fixation materials to enhance the durability of the newly fixed screens. The amount of customers we have is due to the unmatched services we provide to them in screen replacement. You will be glad to know after currently establishing our screen replacement centre in south Delhi we are planning to open screen repair hubs in north, west and east Delhi.


You can contact us now for never screen replacement services from us and we will provide you with best quotes so that there is lesser pressure put on your pocket. We are complete in every manner as we have every latest technique for screen replacement which saves both money and time of our customers.